Our Service

Learn more about our services steps, see how we can collaborate together.

1. Submit your idea

Submit your artwork or design concept via email to sales@promo-us.com and share your choice of colors, text, patterns, material or layout.


2. Let us create your design

Our professional design team will have digital mock-up designs ready for you within 72 hours. Our designers will work with you to make sure you get the exact design that you are looking for.

3. Quotation

Once you are satisfied with a design, select the final design that you would like to order .We quote you based on the design.


4. Confirmed

Confirmed our quotation with the price, sample time, lead time, packing, payment term etc. We are happy to discuss any additional needs and special requirements during this timing too.

5. Payment

We require payment in full prior or a copy of a purchase order to shipment.


6. Production

Upon receiving the payment, your order will go into production.

7. Delivery

Once production is completed, your order will be shipped In the most convenient and quickest way.


Want to plan your project? Let’s do it now! Contact us if you have more questions.