What are the fabrics of magic headband?

With the advancement of time and technology, modern fabrics come in a variety of materials. Among them, there are many types of fabrics used for headband. Today, let’s learn about the types of fabrics for headscarves in our daily life.

Swan Ice Silk Fabric

Swan Ice Silk is specially designed for the cool ice sensation in summer. Etiners Swan Ice Silk is a seamless ice silk elastic fabric, made from top-grade long fibers using more than 20 weaving processes. The fabric is light, delicate, and has an outstanding ice sensation experience. It is composed of 81.1% polyester and 18.9% spandex.

Coolmax Fabric

Coolmax moisture-wicking fabric is specially designed for dry and comfortable wear. Coolmax moisture-wicking fabric is a seamless headscarf fabric woven by Yihua Technology from Coolmax yarn. Its strong breathability and good moisture control draw away excess heat and sweat produced by the body, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.

Sunscreen Ice Silk Fabric

Sunscreen Ice Silk Fabric is specially designed for refreshing summer outings. Swan Silk Sunscreen Ice Silk Fabric is a seamless fabric independently developed by Yihua Technology, combining Etiners Swan Ice Silk with Sylon UV-resistant fibers. Swan Ice Silk guarantees outstanding ice sensation performance, and Sylon UV-resistant fibers achieve a UPF of 50+, making it particularly suitable for summer outings. It is often used in seamless magic headscarves and is composed of 82.6% polyester and 17.4% spandex.

Merino Wool Headscarf Fabric

The Merino Wool Headscarf is made of 100% Merino wool, which is finer and softer. The Merino Wool Headscarf is woven by Yihua Technology using the top-quality spun yarn from Yangzi Spinning. 100% Merino fine wool has excellent breathability and quick-drying performance. The special weaving method can achieve quick-drying in summer, warmth in winter, lightweight comfort, and no itchiness of ordinary wool. It is mainly used in seamless magic headscarves.

RPET Swan Silk

RPET Swan Silk uses recycled polyester fibers for weaving, which is a new type of green and environmentally friendly fabric. RPET Swan Silk is a seamless headscarf fabric woven by Yihua Technology using new environmentally friendly long fibers from the top-grade raw material brand Hengli Group. The material is made from recycled environmentally friendly fiber raw materials processed from cola bottles, saving nearly 80% of energy compared to regular polyester fibers. It is carbon-saving and environmentally friendly while ensuring performance, and it has passed the GRS recycling certification throughout the process. It is mainly used in seamless magic headscarves.

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Post time: Mar-22-2024