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    We share marketing tools, product information and creative ideas for your customer promotions.

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    We have our own factories overseas to insure you the best prices and deliveries for your custom imprint orders.

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    Our advanced computer managing system allows instant tracking to deliver your order on time and every time.

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    We always looking for ways to better communicate with our customer and improve our service.


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  • headband

    What is Heat Transfer Printing?

    Heat transfer printing, also known as thermal transfer printing, is a unique method of imprinting designs onto fabrics. The process is somewhat similar to decalcomania, a decorative technique in which engravings are transferred from specially prepared paper to materials such as glass or porcelain...

  • mesh baseball cap

    How is a Fashionable Hat Made: Unveiling the Intricate Manufacturing Process?

    Hats may seem simple, but their manufacturing process is extremely intricate. Let’s see how a fashionable hat is made. Material Selection: Choose suitable fabric based on the size for children or adults, such as all-cotton twill, knit fabric, denim, etc., ensuring the materials meet national stan...

  • sports hat

    What Are the Materials of Baseball Caps, and What Are Their Characteristics and Suitable Scenarios?

    When it comes to purchasing a baseball cap, understanding the different types of materials used is crucial. Here are some common materials used in baseball caps: Cotton: Cotton baseball caps are one of the most common types. They are soft, comfortable, and breathable, making them suitable for li...


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